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Anton Kholomiov anton.kholomiov at gmail.com
Wed Sep 16 07:12:58 UTC 2015

If you decide to use my lib for desktop (csound-expression).
The examples can lead you to think that the audio
is generated with Haskell which is not so.
It requires the installation of csound command line utility.
The Haskell just generates the code for csound.

2015-09-15 21:23 GMT+03:00 Mike Meyer <mwm at mired.org>:

> I'm looking for advice on generating sounds from a desktop app. I'm
> perfectly happy if it doesn't have a GUI, but runs from the command line.
> The desire is to take a config file for an embedded device that encodes
> tunes it plays back and play them on the desktop. The data could be
> represented as:
> type Note = Integer
> type Duration = Integer
> data Tone = Tone Note Duration
> newtype Tune = Tune [Tone]
> [N.B. - I don't necessarily plan on using the above, I just wanted to
> illustrate the types.
> Now I just need to play back the resulting tune.
> Looking through hackage and hoogle find a number of sound libraries, but
> they either seem to be targeted at manipulating audio files and the data
> therein, or dealing with midi events and associated devices. I suspect that
> at least one of them can do what I want, but before I start delving into
> one I'd like to know that it can do this with minimal extra code and pain.
> So, anyone want to suggest a library for this task?
> Thanks,
> <mike
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