[Haskell-cafe] Stripe-Haskell Updates !

David Johnson djohnson.m at gmail.com
Thu Oct 29 08:25:02 UTC 2015

*stripe-haskell 2.0* has been released on hackage.

*The 2.0 release will entail the following:*
  - All types will now live in their own repository 'stripe-core' (for
better use w/ ghcjs projects).
  - 'stripe-http-streams' is a specific http client backend for
    - Other backends (wreq, conduit, etc.) can be added. As always, pull
requests welcome.
  - 'stripe-haskell' is now a virtual package that wraps
'stripe-http-streams' and 'stripe-core'.
  - We have a 'gitter' chat for our repo, to promote collaboration.
  - We now have a multi-ghc travis build that uses stack.
  - Jeremy Shaw has implemented a novel approach to the optional parameters
problem using typeclasses. The docs will contain more information.
  - For existing stripe-haskell users version 2.0 is a breaking change, but
it features a nicer interface due to Jeremy Shaw's changes.

*Other notes:*
  - Existing 1.4 users will not be neglected. We can continue to submit
patches up to 2.0.

*Future goals:*
  - Migrate to servant-client ASAP.
  - Continue to beg Stripe for a machine readable specification that will
relieve us from having to perform manual updates on subsequent API changes,
and furthermore will allow us to fully take advantage of this wonderful

Please respond here if you have questions, or visit our gitter at
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