[Haskell-cafe] New STM Data Structures Collection

Alex Semin alllex.semin at gmail.com
Thu Oct 22 18:05:47 UTC 2015

That's a reasonable suggestion. Actually the "Internal" module name was 
left there because we decided to export all implementation at the last 
We've spent quite a lot of time working on benchmarks. Now you can find 
those which was ran on my laptop right in the github repo [1].
Although this kind of setting (I mean 4 capabilities) may not be the 
desired environment for STM-based algorithms. I believe we'll provide 
plots for machines with more capabilities in due course.
Probably I had to include link to benchmarks into haddock package 


Thanks for your reply.

On 22.10.2015 20:42, Felipe Lessa wrote:
> A suggestion after looking at the API docs:
> Usually modules called "Internal" are not meant to be used by the user
> of the library unless they really know what they're doing.  However, the
> description of the package says that I should choose the implementation
> that suits my needs, so these aren't "Internal" modules after all.
> Also, they don't export anything that I would qualify as internal, such
> as data type constructors and helper functions.
> I'd suggest either renaming the "Internal" portion of the hierarchy to
> something else (such as "Impl") or dropping it completely (i.e., leaving
> the implementation modules on the same level as the "Class" modules).
> Everything else looks quite good!  An advanced request would be having
> benchmarks showing which implementation is best for which use cases,
> esp. for [ALPRST]*SLPQ, but that's non-trivial.
> Cheers, :)

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