[Haskell-cafe] Three open positions at Beautiful Destinations

Tom Nielsen tomn at beautifuldestinations.com
Fri Oct 16 20:46:38 UTC 2015

The Data Science team at Beautiful Destinations is looking for three
full-time developers and researchers with strong quantitative and
programming skills. Beautiful Destinations (
http://www.beautifuldestinations.com/) is the world's largest travel
influencer with a highly engaged audience of over 7 million followers
across Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. Beautiful Destinations distributes
beautiful travel photography to its followers and helps clients to grow
their social media channels. Our in-house photographers use drones and
still photography to create content for our own accounts and our clients.

The data science team has three aims: to predict and enhance the engagement
of photographs on specific accounts; to measure influence on social media;
and to determine the factors that contribute to the growth of social media
accounts. Our internal API and core infrastructure are written in Haskell
(using PostgreSQL), our Bayesian statistical time-series models use Stan (
http://mc-stan.org/) as well as some statistical models in Haskell. For
image processing we use convolutional neural networks (in Python) and SIFT
(C++/CUDA/Haskell). We are open to people bringing their preferred tools
and maintain a polyglot environment.

We are looking for developers who can fill the gap between data science and
software engineering.

We are at this stage only looking for full-time employees who can work in
our London office. We welcome recent graduates and applicants with
non-traditional backgrounds who show strong programming skills and capacity
for independent learning.

Please email contact at beautifuldestinations.com with any questions or with a
CV if you are interested in this opportunity.


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