[Haskell-cafe] [announce] pipes-cliff - library for streaming to and from processes with Pipes

Omari Norman omari at smileystation.com
Sun Mar 29 22:09:53 UTC 2015

Sometimes you have to write Haskell code to interact with external
processes.  What a bother.  The System.Process module makes it easy to send
data in and out, but what if you want to stream your data in constant time
and space?  Then you need to cobble together your own solution using the
provided Handles.

Or you can use pipes-cliff, which lets you use the excellent Pipes library
to stream your data in and out.  Some simple examples in the package get
you started.


Also, take a look at the README.md file, which lists some similar
packages.  Maybe one of those will work better for you.

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