[Haskell-cafe] About my commitment to my passions, Haskell and the world

Jesus Gonzalez laygr at outlook.com
Wed Jun 17 01:49:35 UTC 2015

Hi everybody, I have a very important announcement.

I’ve decided to dedicate the next big part of my life to improve the world through Haskell. And you can help! (I’m not asking for money…)

I plan to go to live at a “poor” village where my grandparents live.
Poor because it is very hard to get a higher education.
My grandfather founded some time ago some schools nearby the village, but if people wanted to have a bright future, they had to leave the village. My father moved to the nearest capital city.

The story repeated. My father and my mother (together with other people) founded a school at the city where I was born. I left this city to get an even higher education at one of the best universities of my continent.

At college, I got the opportunity to study a year as an exchange student at one of the best CS universities in the world.
Knowing that probably I would never be able to study at such a good university again, I took the hardest subjects I could. The first semester, I took 2 undergrad courses an 2 grad courses (Program Transformations, Software Design, etc…) This first semester was hard, but at the end I got ok grades, so I thought that maybe I could give a little bit more. For the next semester, I tried to encode the knowledge I acquired as clearly as I could. Very quickly, I got more interested in how to model this knowledge more than the knowledge itself. When I failed with Java, I turned to Haskell and so it begun.

I did enjoy my time also. I got to see the inauguration of the Gates Computer Science Building, I found the time to play the piano and learned how to drive the bike without hands very well.

When I returned, my parents kindly forced me to finish colleague. When I graduated, I got a scholarship for grad school (that I took, but I left 3 months later) and a job making iOS and Android apps. I couldn’t use Haskell but I did work some months with F#.

Now that I’ve seen the world, the good, the bad and the ugly things,
Now that I’ve tasted the impoverishing money and repented,
Now I’m ready, I flipped the arrows.

The hardest thing so far has been to finish my NDA… I’m still on it…

It looks like the story will repeat once more. I want to retreat my self and found a next generation school where my grandparents live. I believe that we need to create high performant Haskellers and that we owe to teach children as young and fast as they can happily take it.

I would appreciate encouragement, tutorials for all ages and levels of math encoded in Haskell, advice, anything good.

I’m already burning bridges!
I’ll keep reporting.
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