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Johan Jeuring J.T.Jeuring at uu.nl
Tue Jan 13 09:26:29 UTC 2015

4 x PhD position in Software Technology

The research group of Software Technology is part of the Software
Systems division of in the department of Information and Computer
Science at the Utrecht University. We focus our research on functional
programming, compiler construction, program analysis, validation, and

Financed by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research
(NWO), the EU, Technology Foundation STW and Utrecht University we
currently have job openings for four PhD researchers (PhD students) in
Software Technology. We are looking for PhD students to work on some
of the following topics:

* Version control of structured data
  The theory and practice underlying structure-aware version control
  systems capable of handling more than just text files.

* Intelligent tutoring technologies
  Technologies for tutoring subjects such as functional programming,
  statistics, algebra, etc.

* Serious games
  Domain-specific languages and technologies for specifying strategies
  for serious games.

* iTasks
  iTasks is a formalism for specifying distributed tasks. Specify and
  test properties of iTasks, and give run-time feedback for iTasks.

Besides research, the successful candidate will be expected to help
supervise MSc students and assist teaching courses.  We prefer
candidates to start no later than September 2015.
  What we are looking for

The candidate should have an MSc in Computer Science, be highly
motivated, speak and write English well. Furthermore the successful
candidate should be proficient in reporting scientific
findings. Knowledge of and experience with at least some of the
following areas (depending on the topic chosen to work on for your
PhD) is essential:

* functional programming, such as Haskell or ML;
* datatype generic programming;
* intelligent tutoring systems;
* serious games;
* strategies, rewriting, parsing;
* modern version control systems such as git, mercurial, or darcs.
  What we offer

The candidate is offered a full-time position for 4 years. A part-time
position of at least 0.8 fte may also be possible. Salary starts at
2083 euro and increases to 2664 euro gross per month in the fourth
year of the appointment.

The salary is supplemented with a holiday bonus of 8% and an
end-of-year bonus of 8.3% per year. In addition we offer: a pension
scheme, partially paid parental leave, flexible employment
conditions. Conditions are based on the Collective Labour Agreement
Dutch Universities. The research group will provide the candidate with
necessary support on all aspects of the project.

  How to apply

To apply please attach a letter of motivation, a curriculum vitae, and
(email) addresses of two referees. Make sure to also include a
transcript of the courses you have followed (at bachelor and master
level), with the grades you obtained, and to include a sample of your
scientific writing, such as your master thesis.  It is possible to
apply for this position if you are close to obtaining your
Master's. In that case include a letter of your supervisor with an
estimate of your progress, and do not forget to include at least a
sample of your technical writing skills.

Application deadline is March 8, 2015. You can apply online through
the University's website:

  Additional information  

If you have any questions regarding these positions, please contact

  Johan Jeuring 
  +31 (0)640010053
  J.T.Jeuring at uu.nl

  Wouter Swierstra
  +31 (0)30 253 9207
  w.s.swierstra at uu.nl

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