[Haskell-cafe] Typesafe API calls

Fabian Bergmark fabian.bergmark at gmail.com
Mon Jan 12 13:01:43 UTC 2015

I have noticed a steady increase in the number of downloads of the
apis-0.0.1 package (now 67). However the number of downloads on the
dependencies are far less (around 50%). Does this imply that people
are having problem compiling the package? As the build process is a
bit complex reports about this would be appreciated!

Also, none of my packages can be found on hayoo, why is this?

2014-12-23 1:01 GMT+01:00 Fabian Bergmark <fabian.bergmark at gmail.com>:
> I have uploaded a new version of the library
> https://hackage.haskell.org/package/apis-0.0.1
> I'have included 15 more APIs from Facebook and Dropbox. I have also
> uploaded documentation to Hackage.
> I have been working on creating an autotools installation script that
> builds a makepkg package with the FFI bindings for Python and Java. I
> have tried it on Arch and it seems to work. If you want to try it out,
> check out the github repository.
> Building on top of this, Im working on a library that uses Pipes to
> create producers (triggers) and consumers (actions), allowing one to
> create effects (recipes) of the kind, when I am tagged in a photo on
> Facebook, notify me via email. This very much resembles IFTTT but with
> static and typesafe compositions. Im experimenting with using my
> javascript interpreter to allow for more dynamic compositions.
> 2014-12-18 21:59 GMT+01:00 Jonathan Paugh <jpaugh at gmx.us>:
>> Hello Fabian,
>> I have been dreaming of something like this for Haskell since I wrote a
>> (non type-safe) python library to access any REST API generically[1].
>> This comes from a different (and more ambitious) angle than I had imagined.
>> I don't have time to test this just now, but I will keep it bookmarked.
>> Thanks for sharing your hard work!
>> Regards,
>> Jonathan
>> [1]: http://github.com/jpaugh/agithub (unmaintained, but maybe interesting)
>> On 12/12/2014 07:01 AM, Fabian Bergmark wrote:> I just released a
>> library on hackage
>>> (https://hackage.haskell.org/package/apis-0.0.0). The goal of the
>>> library is to provide typesafe API calls to a large amount of existing
>>> APIs. By typesafe I mean that, for each API the library provides two
>>> types, Input and Output, and a function :: Input -> IO Output.
>>> Internally the library knows how to serialize Input to make an HTTP
>>> request and how to deserialize the response into Output.
>>> Whats cool about this library is that it uses Template Haskell to
>>> generate the API interfaces. A combination of Open Data Tables, an
>>> internal YQL engine and JSON Schemas, all written in Haskell makes
>>> this possible.
>>> Right now only two APIs are included (Swedish weather data and Swedish
>>> public announcement), but more APIs are soon to follow.
>>> I have also implemented FFI exports of all types and functions so
>>> that, in combination with SWIG, this library can be used in almost any
>>> language. So far I have tried Java and Python with success.
>>> If anyone would like to try it and respond with feedback it would be
>>> greatly appreciated! If you want any specific API supported, I can try
>>> to import that right away
>>> Fabian Bergmark

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