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Kim-Ee Yeoh ky3 at atamo.com
Tue Feb 17 18:55:05 UTC 2015

Welcome. Here are this week's picks:

   - Scott Turner <http://ghc.haskell.org/trac/ghc/ticket/8539#comment:25>
   proffered a solution in getting exponentiation of complex numbers right,
   which includes an at-a-glance table to see if everything's sane.

   - GHC is unsound!
   It has a type safety leak. Iavor Diatchki
   is hard at work plugging the hole.

   - Richard Eisenberg
   discovered that Debug.Trace.traceStack does a better job debugging GHC than

   - The curtain is pulled back on the new face of www.haskell.org. Chris
   Done designed it, Gershom Bazerman announced it, and unsung heroes migrated
   it and kept it running under the flash crowd onslaught.

   The raves include:

   - This is far more welcoming and user-friendly, especially to those who
      might be curious about Haskell. [link]

      - The website redesign is great from a new programmer's perspective.
      I just started learning Haskell a week ago, and I wish this was the first
      thing I saw. Looks wonderful. Cheers! [link]

      - This new, awesome site is using the framework Yesod, which is kinda
      like the Rails of the Haskell world, only it can do rad stuff
like prevent
      XSS and 404s at *compile *time. Yes, you read that right. [link]

   - Repo of the week: Samuel Gélineau's hawk
   <https://github.com/gelisam/hawk>, a haskell command-line text-processor
   similar to unix awk.

Quotes of the week:

   - "I have made several forays into the impredicative swamp, and barely
   made it back to the shore alive." - Simon Peyton Jones

   - "Web programming is like a mature RPG: everything's extremely
   complicated and everyone's overpowered." - Max Goldstein


   - In Buenos Aires, Marcote Torres tweets
   <https://twitter.com/marcote_torres/status/565644584060198914> about the
   first ever Haskell meetup.

   - And "In Soviet Russia, #haskell learns a you" as @aberls
   <https://twitter.com/aberls/status/565669752853778432> reminds us.

Got a letter to the editor? Hit reply.

-- Kim-Ee
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