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Alexander V Vershilov alexander.vershilov at gmail.com
Thu Feb 12 15:13:08 UTC 2015

Hello, Marat.

There are a bunch of algorithms on a graph that can be be parallelized.
For example you may want to take a look at big graph analisys
tool Stinger [1], or to haskell implementation [2]. Both libraries heavily
expose parallelism.

[1] http://www.stingergraph.com/
[2] https://hackage.haskell.org/package/GraphHammer

On 12 February 2015 at 16:24, Закиров Марат <marat61 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> Algorithms on graphs in my opinion is something bad for parallel execution
> (especially  such of them which have O(n) comlexity). So if I haskell give
> me an advantage in some graph application it will be great benchmark.
> Recently I tried to think about well-known by compiler people - so called
> "topologic-sort" or reverse post order numeration, but I gave up... There
> are just nothing to execute in parallel. Currently I am searching for graph
> (compiler) algorithm example written in haskell with persistent data
> structures which can be executed in parallel. And in the same time this
> example written in imperative style must not have good parallel execution
> form.
> Summarizing: I want to find example of data_persistence&functional style
> killer graph (compiler) application.
> Do you know such an example?
> --
> Regards, Marat.
> С уважением Марат.
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