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Закиров Марат marat61 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 12 13:24:12 UTC 2015

Hi all,

Algorithms on graphs in my opinion is something bad for parallel execution
(especially  such of them which have O(n) comlexity). So if I haskell give
me an advantage in some graph application it will be great benchmark.
Recently I tried to think about well-known by compiler people - so called
"topologic-sort" or reverse post order numeration, but I gave up... There
are just nothing to execute in parallel. Currently I am searching for graph
(compiler) algorithm example written in haskell with persistent data
structures which can be executed in parallel. And in the same time this
example written in imperative style must not have good parallel execution

Summarizing: I want to find example of data_persistence&functional style
killer graph (compiler) application.

Do you know such an example?


*Regards, Marat.*
*С уважением Марат.*
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