[Haskell-cafe] ghci on ARM m3?

Karel Gardas karel.gardas at centrum.cz
Fri Feb 6 09:56:19 UTC 2015

I would say no way to run ghci on M3, but this should be possible on RPi 
especially if you consider v2 which provides quad-core ARMv7 CPU. ARMv6 
on the v1 should also be possible if the support has not bit-roted that 

Anyway, GHC for ARM requires LLVM and the situation with GHC/LLVM is not 
currently stable as it's kind of in transition period from old LLVM 
support to new LLVM support. Ben Gamari (cced to this) knows more about it.


On 02/ 6/15 03:18 AM, Mike Meyer wrote:
> Lately, I've not been doing much Haskell because I've buried in embedded
> systems work. The code is all C, with only a smidgen of C++ (for which I
> am grateful).
> One of the things I've been toying with is turning part of the on-chip
> configuration information a haskel functions. They'd even be pure code,
> and would be a lot more expressive than what's there now.
> The target platforms are running Cortex M3 CPUs. I know that jhc/ajhc
> will generate code for those CPUs, but I really need at least a subset
> of the compiler running on the target processor with no pre-installed
> RTOS. Has that been done? Is it likely to even be possible?
> As part of the project, I'll need to install both a cross-compiler on my
> Unix box, and the the compiler (or parts of it) on the M3. Can someone
> provide pointers to tutorials on that? My google-foo wasn't powerful
> enough to find any.
> I'm thinking about using either an Aruino Due (as it has the M3 CPU on
> it) as a testbed platform. So tutorials targeted for that platform would
> be particularly appreciated.
> Since I hopefully have the eyes of people experienced with these things,
> should I be considering a raspberry pi or something similar instead of
> the Due? Basically, will I be able to run code built for the M3 CPU on
> the pi CPUs?
> thanks,
> Mike
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