[Haskell-cafe] Q: language-c upstream repo

Ivan Zakharyaschev imz at altlinux.org
Mon Dec 21 09:43:52 UTC 2015

On Sun, 20 Dec 2015, Ivan Zakharyaschev wrote:

> And I've cloned the repo listed at 
> https://hackage.haskell.org/package/language-c-0.4.7 , namely: 
> http://code.haskell.org/language-c

> But then I discovered that if I want to publish them on hub.darcs.net , I 
> need a darcs-2 repo, and the initial one which I used for cloning is a 
> darcs-1 repo.
> I could do the conversion to darcs-2, but I read that it is not reproducible: 
> run several times on the same set of patches it will give different results.

Ganesh Sittampalam re-assured me at 
that it is not always so bad, and gave advices that I still try to go 
through the conversion and pushing my changes to a clone of the other 
upstream darcs-2 repo:

> As I've discovered also a language-c repo at hub.darcs.net which looks like 
> an upstream repo: http://hub.darcs.net/visq/language-c , I'm in doubt whether

Unfortunately, it didn't go smoothly -- when pushing the converted repo, 
darcs "couldn't commute" some tag patches, and it seems it refused to do 
anything further:

~/TOOLS/prog/language-c.darcs-2 $ darcs push ../language-c_hub/
HINT: if you want to change the default remote repository to
       quit now and issue the same command with the --set-default flag.
darcs: bug at src/Darcs/Patch/Depends.hs:327 compiled May 26 2015 04:16:45
Failed to commute common patches:
patch 71a1a541365ab8de9a874c21681f07b97bc1669b
Author: benedikt.huber at gmail.com
Date:   Tue Aug 16 20:19:10 MSK 2011
   tagged 0.4.1
patch f711caf67e93818e50033b7453e503ac23f26441
Author: benedikt.huber at gmail.com
Date:   Wed Feb 24 10:19:43 MSK 2010
   * old tag: darcs_apply_bug
patch c400ff96bc04d011ad9ab89966a104965f4b3548
Author: benedikt.huber at gmail.com
Date:   Thu Aug 21 16:32:18 MSD 2008
   tagged 0.3.1
patch 4ab2c817f54dbd8f06a1350cb9a4abf28e25ddeb
Author: benedikt.huber at gmail.com
Date:   Tue Aug 12 20:34:05 MSD 2008
   * old tag: 0.3
patch c64f7c2830d166da91fa0d20b8a6877babe6d580
Author: benedikt.huber at gmail.com
Date:   Tue Jun  3 12:45:36 MSD 2008
   * old tag: 0.1
See http://wiki.darcs.net/BugTracker/Reporting for help on bug reporting.
~/TOOLS/prog/language-c.darcs-2 $

For now, I'm still in doubt what would be a simple way to transfer the 
several last patches to a darcs-2 fork.

Perhaps, there is some kind of a known problem with converted tags in 

Best regards,

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