[Haskell-cafe] Canned routines for the first say thousand digits of pi, e, sqrt 2, etc?

Jeffrey Brown jeffbrown.the at gmail.com
Thu Dec 17 23:45:54 UTC 2015

Do there exist libraries for finding the first thousand or so digits of
irrational numbers? In base 12? I searhed all the "Numeric" and "Numerical"
packages on Hackage and found nothing appropriate.

I did figure out how to change the base of a number:
but that method appears limited to numbers only a dozen or so digits long.

My motivation is this video, in which James Zamerski puts the first couple
hundred digits of pi to music. I've listened to it maybe 15 times in two
It makes me want to try playing the first few hundred digits of other
irrational numbers on the piano and try to harmonize them.

Jeffrey Benjamin Brown
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