[Haskell-cafe] Audio search library; and debugging help!

Richard Lewis richard.lewis at gold.ac.uk
Fri Dec 11 12:05:13 UTC 2015

On Thu, 10 Dec 2015 01:31:23 +0000,
Richard Lewis wrote:

> So, I think this is the end of my message. I appreciate that this is a
> very specific problem. I know it's normally helpful to try and
> abstract a problem into something in terms of Foos and Bars, but I'm
> not sure I can do this here. As a result, it would be a significant
> undertaking for anyone to try and help out. So I would be even more
> grateful than usual if anyone could! (And that's not really meant as a
> grovelling plea, it's actually more of a warning: you probably
> shouldn't try and help me.)

On the suggestion of #haskell, here is the output of a recent run of
the debugging version of this code:


(with apologies for the Wagner!)

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