[Haskell-cafe] Looking for maintainers for emacs-haskell-tutorial

Alejandro Serrano Mena trupill at gmail.com
Thu Dec 10 07:55:47 UTC 2015

Dear Haskell-Café,
Some time ago, and as part of my Google Summer of Code project, I wrote a
tutorial about setting up Emacs to work with Haskell [
The tutorial is now a bit outdated and several issues are pending solution [
https://github.com/serras/emacs-haskell-tutorial/issues]. However, due to
other (young, crying) obligations I don't have the time needed to maintain
the tutorial anymore, all by myself.
Thus, I would like to ask whether somebody is willing to maintain the
tutorial up-to-date, and take care of the issues. Or simply, whether
somebody is willing to help in doing so.

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