[Haskell-cafe] dependent types, singleton types....

Nicholls, Mark nicholls.mark at vimn.com
Thu Apr 30 13:34:00 UTC 2015

See questions below...

> {-# LANGUAGE DataKinds, PolyKinds, TypeFamilies, TypeOperators, UndecidableInstances, GADTs, StandaloneDeriving #-}

> data Nat = Z | S Nat

> data SNat n where
>   SZ :: SNat 'Z
>   SS :: SNat n -> SNat ('S n)

> --type family   Plus (n :: Nat) (m :: Nat) :: Nat
> --type instance Plus Z     m = m
> --type instance Plus (S n) m = S (Plus n m)

> --infixl 6 :+

> --type family   (n :: Nat) :+ (m :: Nat) :: Nat
> --type instance Z     :+ m = m
> --type instance (S n) :+ m = S (n :+ m)

> --type family   (n :: Nat) :* (m :: Nat) :: Nat
> --type instance Z     :* m = Z
> --type instance (S n) :* m = (n :* m) :+ m

> data BTree a = Leaf | Branch a (BTree a) (BTree a)

> data SBTree a where
>   SLeaf :: SBTree 'Leaf
>   SBranch :: (a :: *) -> (SBTree (b :: BTree *)) -> (SBTree (c :: BTree *)) -> SBTree ('Branch a b c)

ok so this does work... 

> y :: SBTree ('Branch (SNat ('S ('S 'Z))) 'Leaf 'Leaf)
> y = SBranch (SS (SS SZ)) SLeaf SLeaf
> z :: SBTree ('Branch (SNat ('S ('S 'Z))) ('Branch (SNat 'Z) 'Leaf 'Leaf) 'Leaf)
> z = SBranch (SS (SS SZ)) (SBranch SZ SLeaf SLeaf) SLeaf

but this doesnt.

> f :: SBTree a -> Integer
> f (SBranch SZ SLeaf SLeaf) = 1

but (for me) the important thing to work out is what's actually wrong....i.e. walk before I run and land on my face
I struggle with Haskell errors.

it says

    Could not deduce (a1 ~ SNat t0)
    from the context (a ~ 'Branch a1 b c)
      bound by a pattern with constructor
                 SBranch :: forall a (b :: BTree *) (c :: BTree *).
                            a -> SBTree b -> SBTree c -> SBTree ('Branch a b c),
               in an equation for 'f'
      at exerviceOnDependentTypes.lhs:42:6-27
      'a1' is a rigid type variable bound by
           a pattern with constructor
             SBranch :: forall a (b :: BTree *) (c :: BTree *).
                        a -> SBTree b -> SBTree c -> SBTree ('Branch a b c),
           in an equation for 'f'
           at exerviceOnDependentTypes.lhs:42:6
    In the pattern: SZ
    In the pattern: SBranch SZ SLeaf SLeaf
    In an equation for 'f': f (SBranch SZ SLeaf SLeaf) = 1

so its trying to work out what? 
"a" is valid in "SBTree a" in the context of the function definition "f (SBranch SZ SLeaf SLeaf) = 1" ?
so "a" ~ "Branch a1 b c" from the defintion "SBranch :: (a :: *) -> (SBTree (b :: BTree *)) -> (SBTree (c :: BTree *)) -> SBTree ('Branch a b c)"?
and it wants to deduce that "a1 ~ SNat t0"?
Why does it care? (is this my OO type head getting in the way)

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> Accchhhh
> Thats another level of pain

It is, unfortunately.

> , i'm not a big haskeller so i'll have to wrestle with it to get all the knobs and dials working, leave it with me for the moment and i'll start wrestling with cabal

You won't need cabal and such. Just say `data family Sing (a :: k)` in your file and you'll have the definition. There's really nothing more to it than that!


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