[Haskell-cafe] Improvements to package hosting and security

Mathieu Boespflug mathieu at fpcomplete.com
Wed Apr 29 14:49:34 UTC 2015

Define "superior"?

As argued in the proposal, the salient features are that by devolving
practically everything to Git+GPG, we end up with less code to maintain in
our tooling, less code to maintain in our infrastructure (namely
hackage-server), a more reliable service, and a smaller chance of buggering
up security related activities (such as signing and managing trust).

We're not introducing dependencies on dynamically linked system libraries
that makes tooling hard to distribute. We're not asking users to install
anything new that isn't already a staple of most developer desktops, and
not asking users, Hackage trustees and Hackage admins to manage new
identities with new key formats that aren't the existing ones they already
have (namely GnuPG). Further, users can still opt-out of signature
verification if they want to.

Compared to alternative approaches - there has been a proposal to get
incremental updates à la Git differently by growing (potentially
infinitely) the end of a tar file served by the server via HTTP. This means
grabbing the history for new package revisions cannot be opted out from
easily. With Git, you get this for free, since users can `git clone
--depth=1` and still be able to do a `git pull` later and verify
signatures. You further get the advantage of being able to directly mine
the history of changes, using standard tools, something that can't be done
directly on the tar file without more custom tooling (or post conversion to

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