[Haskell-cafe] Scala at position 25 of the Tiobe index, Haskell dropped

Bardur Arantsson spam at scientician.net
Fri Apr 17 18:58:47 UTC 2015

On 17-04-2015 20:47, Joe Hillenbrand wrote:
> Sandboxes are really a bandaid and most tutorials don't promote them enough.

They *are* a bandaid, but a reasonably well-working one. Hopefully we'll
an even more robust Nix-like approach soonish:


  (there's a link to part 1 at the start if you haven't read that)

That doesn't solve the diamond dependency problem, but hopefully
there'll also be a solution for that at some future point in time
(Backpack). I'll also note that I personally don't know of *any*
software platform that has actually solved this problem entirely
satisfactorily. On the JVM, OSGi gets close (at least in theory), but
AFAICT it's a lot more complex that it (ideally) should be.

> You can also still hit the multiple package versions issue in a sandbox.

Indeed, but my personal experience is that it actually doesn't happen
very much in practice. (Anecdotal, I know.)

> The lack of "cabal upgrade" is another big headache.

Meh. Speak for yourself! :)

Personally I'm more interested in repeatable and consistent package
installations rather than avoiding 30 minutes of 100% CPU usage once in
a while.

(Of course, priorities may vary and reasonable people can disagree!)


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