[Haskell-cafe] extensible records - Vinyl - alternatives?

Peter Althainz althainz at gmail.com
Sat May 3 10:16:40 UTC 2014

Dear All,

I'm searching a handsome library for handling large amounts of
configuration data in a flexible manner. So to speak I want to use some
kind of inheritance of data fields. I think this is where the extensible
records discussion is a proper description of my use case.

I've found 2 libraries making this work, so far:


I currently prefer Vinyl due to the complex types in HList, lens
compatibiliy, named labels. (I love the HList and OOHaskel papers, but for
practical use, I currently prefer Vinyl).

What do you think, what is the best way nowadays to use extensible records?
Is Vinyl a good choice from your point of view?

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