[Haskell-cafe] 2 PhD positions at McMaster

Jacques Carette carette at mcmaster.ca
Thu Mar 27 16:49:02 UTC 2014

[The underlying tools in this work will most likely be done in Haskell]

PhD Positions Available in the Computing and Software Department at McMaster University

For excellent candidates, two PhD positions are available in the Computing and Software
Department at McMaster University, in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.  The positions will
focus on developing certifiable scientific and engineering software using a Literate
Process that eliminates duplication between software artifacts and explicitly
incorporates traceability between these artifacts.  The motivating case study for
the research will be nuclear safety analysis software.

Applicants should have a strong background in software engineering or computer science,
mathematical maturity and experience with technology and software development.  Knowledge
of computational mathematics and physics will be considered an asset.

Due to the funding model, preference will be given to domestic students or landed immigrants
in Canada.

Interested candidates should apply for graduate studies with the Computing and Software
Department (http://www.cas.mcmaster.ca/cas/0template1.php?1002) and they should send an
e-mail expressing interest to one of the project supervisors:
Dr. Spencer Smith (smiths at mcmaster.ca), Dr. Jacques Carette (carette at mcmaster.ca) or
Dr. Ned Nedialkov (nedialk at mcmaster.ca).

Applicants will be accepted until the two positions are filled.  The projected start date
is September 2014, but this is negotiable.

Please feel free to forward this advertisement to any potentially interested candidates.



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