[Haskell-cafe] projects page

Ketil Malde ketil at malde.org
Mon Mar 17 20:58:30 UTC 2014

I wonder if there would be any interest in a fast and compact
associative data structure (a.k.a. finite map)?  I did a quick writeup


and could also volunteer to mentor it (but would be happy to see
somebody else do it, too).  As I am often working with large data sets,
the cost of the standard data structures (Data.Map and friends) are
often causing problems.  Judy arrays get me some of the way, but I'd
like something more general.  Although I want it for shamlessly selfish
reasons, I think it would make a worthwhile addition to the Haskell
ecosystem at large.

Anyway - feel free to contact me if anything is unclear.

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