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Vo Minh Thu noteed at gmail.com
Wed Jun 11 10:33:14 UTC 2014


These days, an increasingly popular solution to package an application
with its dependencies is to use Docker. You can build the Docker image
locally and push it to a Docker registry and retrieve it on your
remote machine, or you can dump it as a tarball and load it on your
remote machine.

You have different ways to create the Docker image, one of which would
be similar to pushing your Haskell binary to your remote machine. That
way is simply to compile your exectuable locally, and copy it to the
remote machine with is assets if any (you might even move it to a
.cabal directory as if it was installed through `cabal install`). By
default your executable will be statically linked, except for libgmp
that you have to install on the remote machine.

I recommand you look into Docker. You will be able to e-use its
knowledge to package increasingly complex applications (that might
have more numerous dependencies that you wouldn't have to manage on
the host).


2014-06-11 12:24 GMT+02:00 Corentin Dupont <corentin.dupont at gmail.com>:
> Hi guys!
> Is there a procedure to deploy a Haskell application?
> I have an Amazon EC2 micro instance to run my application, but it's way too
> small to compile it using cabal (compilation takes half a day rouhgly), so I
> compile it on my computer.
> Is there a convenient way to bundle the executable with the resources and
> ship it to the server?
> Thanks!
> Corentin
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