[Haskell-cafe] extensible-transformers

Ben Foppa benjamin.foppa at gmail.com
Thu Jul 10 16:45:58 UTC 2014

Interesting, monad-classes does seem more potentially powerful - I've kind
of pushed the limits of these parts of the type system just constructing
this. It's fantastic that it asymptotically reduces the number of typeclass
instances required.

The IncoherentInstances in extensible-transformers bothers me as well -
especially since I'm not very familiar with the unhappy cases of
One big problem with extensible-transformers is that it doesn't expose the
inner Monad itself (mainly because there isn't one), which creates an issue
for code that needs its transformers to transform more than just "something"
The big plus (and minus) for extensible-transformers is that it can lift
into the existing transformers stacks - it doesn't require rewriting the
effects like extensible-effects or monad-classes. It's bound by the same
pros and cons as transformers, but it's easy to integrate into existing
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