[Haskell-cafe] How to have a managed window unfocusable?

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>   I'd like to have a transparent clock floating on my desktop.
>   If I made it ignored (unmanaged), it would not be above and would be
> blocked by other windows.
>   If I made it managed and float, when I floated up and down, it would be
> focused and I needed to press hotkey again to move focus to correct window.
>   Anyway I could manage it, but not focusing on it?

This is difficult, because X11 expects that the way you do this is to
unmanage it *and* that a window that is unmanaged knows how to manage
itself. In particular, the X server may well send focus to a managed window
*itself* via its window focus inheritance policy. The best xmonad could do
would be to use a handleEventHook to detect the window being given focus
(this might be rather difficult because focusIn and focusOut events are not
currently delivered by the Haskell X11 bindings, sigh) and send focus
elsewhere --- but in that case the window would still briefly receive focus.

You probably need to find a clock program that knows how to operate as an
unmanaged window.

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