[Haskell-cafe] Making the Haskell 2010 report latex repo

Andres Löh andres.loeh at gmail.com
Fri Jul 4 07:06:21 UTC 2014


It seems that there's a bad interaction between hyperref and makeidx.
The | character is used by makeidx and hyperref for something that's
called "encapsulation", which means applying a formatting directive to
the page number. The makeidx program seems to support escaping the |
by using "|, but hyperref seems to get confused by this. Therefore,
the indexing of the logical or operator fails.

I haven't quickly been able to find a fix. One option could be to
change the encapsulation character from | to something unused.

A quick fix is to disable hyperref's attempts to link the index, by
saying \usepackage[hyperindex=false]{hyperref}. That should make the
report compile.


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