[Haskell-cafe] What game libraries should I use?

Alexander Berntsen alexander at plaimi.net
Fri Jan 31 12:19:22 UTC 2014

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I need:
- -2D graphics (preferably with simple shapes available)
- -menus (I can make menus myself with shapes though)
- -simple audio
- -fonts (better than Gloss at least)
- -keyboard input
- -networking (simple direct connections between two computers)

I need to be able to express my game system as declaratively as

If the library is based on SDL/OpenGL, that would be nice[1]. This is,
however, not necessary.

What game libraries are the most mature and adequate for this? The
only library I have used previously with Haskell is Gloss. I am not
experienced in FRP, though I have read about and somewhat groked the
point. I am willing to learn an FRP library.

[0]  I am writing it as part of a thesis in which I will look at the
modularity and expressiveness of purely functional programming
compared to object-oriented programming. Writing code that is
technically purely functional, but in practice looks like imperative
code, is sub-optimal.
[1]  For the thesis I am writing, I am implementing a C++ version of
the same game. This will probably use SDL 2.0 and OpenGL bindings. If
the Haskell version could use libraries based on that, this would make
it easier for me to write my thesis. I.e., I would not have to spend
time justifying that the modularity and expressiveness I am
investigating is due to the chosen languages and programming
paradigms, and not the libraries I use.
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