[Haskell-cafe] Unmaintained packages and hackage upload rights

Roman Cheplyaka roma at ro-che.info
Fri Jan 31 11:16:49 UTC 2014

* Erik Hesselink <hesselink at gmail.com> [2014-01-31 10:04:33+0100]
> I propose to make the trustees group able to upload any package, with
> the understanding that they only do so to make packages where the
> maintainer is unreachable compile on more compilers or with more
> versions of dependencies. The newly uploaded version should have a
> public repository of the forked source available and listed in the
> cabal file. The process would then be:
> * User fixes a package, emails the maintainer.
> * No response: User emails trustees.
> * Trustees check the above conditions, and upload the new version.
> This is more lightweight that the process to take over maintainership,
> and it can be, because we're not trusting a random user with a random
> package. Instead, we're only trusting a fixed set of maintainers and a
> small, publicly visible change. Because of this, the waiting times for
> non-responsiveness can probably also be shorter than in the maintainer
> take-over process.
> Would this alleviate the frustration, while at the same time
> maintaining enough security and sense of package ownership?

It could. Let's implement it and see how it goes.

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