[Haskell-cafe] DSLs and heterogeous lists

Corentin Dupont corentin.dupont at gmail.com
Sat Feb 1 15:55:09 UTC 2014

Hi again,
I have a game in which the user can create/write/read variables, using a
small DSL. The type of the variable created can be whatever chooses the
user, so I'm using existential types to store those variables in a
heterogeneous list.
This works fine, but the problem is that the "Typeable" class tag leaks
into the DSL... The question is, how to get rid of it?

> This is literate Haskell
> {-# LANGUAGE GADTs, ScopedTypeVariables  #-}
> module DSLClass where
> import Control.Monad
> import Control.Monad.State
> import Data.Typeable

This is the (simplified) DSL. With it you can read a variable stored in the
game state (creation/writing is not shown).
How can we get rid of the "Typeable a" in the ReadFirstVar constructor?

> -- first type parameter is used to track effects
> data Exp a where
>   ReadFirstVar :: (Typeable a) => Exp a           <----- Ugly
>   Return       :: a -> Exp a
>   Bind         :: Exp a -> (a -> Exp b) -> Exp b

This is the definition of a variable. The type is unknow, so I use
existantial types.

> data Var = forall a . (Typeable a) => Var { v :: a}

This game state. It holds the heterogenous list.

> data Game = Game { variables :: [Var]}

The evaluation of "Exp" can be:

> eval :: Exp a -> State Game a
> eval ReadFirstVar  = do
>   (Game ((Var v):vs)) <- get
>   case cast v of
>      Just val -> return val
>      Nothing -> error "no cast"
> eval (Bind exp f) = do
>   a <- eval exp
>   eval (f a)

As you can see, I'm obliged to cast the variable type to match it with the
expression's type. Is that the right place to do it?

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