[Haskell-cafe] FRP Tutorial

Lucas Paul reilithion at gmail.com
Wed Dec 24 03:41:55 UTC 2014

I've been trying to get my feet wet with Functional Reactive
Programming, and I'd like to play around with a library and some
examples, particularly one that's already set up to work with a GUI
framework like Gtk2Hs or wx. But it's been nightmarish trying to find
something that works.

- Grapefruit examples wouldn't compile because they were trying to
import things I couldn't find in Hackage. (Codebreaker.hs, for
instance) Examples using git-level stuff?

- reactive-banana-wx wouldn't build because I have array-0.5 on the
system level and cabal couldn't resolve dependencies.

- threepenny-gui example Buttons.hs wouldn't compile (16:30:
‘jsStatic’ is not a (visible) constructor field name)

Am I just having a run of bad luck, or is FRP really elusive right now
for some reason? Should I just be learning some other GUI discipline
if I want to write interfaces for my Haskell stuff?

Sagely advice would be very much appreciated.

- Lucas

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