[Haskell-cafe] Master's thesis topic and mentor

Konstantin Saveljev konstantin.saveljev at gmail.com
Fri Aug 29 13:45:54 UTC 2014


*short summary*:

I am looking for someone who might have a topic for Master's thesis and
will be interested in mentoring me along the way (giving pointers, helping
here and there but not doing everything for me)

*more detailed*:

I have been introduced to Haskell about a year ago. It's been a slow ride,
but I am gaining knowledge step by step. I am having some difficulty in
finding a topic for my Master's degree and thought it would benefit me to
try doing something Haskell related (be it a library, some part of a
project or something similar). Unfortunately I do not believe I am able to
pick something up by myself. Therefore I am looking for someone out there
who might just have something to do they would be interested in delegating
to somebody else and helping a bit throughout that work (and it cannot be
something too easy, as there are some expectations from the work done for
Master's degree) . It might be a long shot but I believe it is worth
trying. Thank you for your time.

Best regards,
Konstantin Saveljev
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