[Haskell-cafe] Cannot install the Haskell Platform on GNU/Linux (possible Cabal issue)

egarrulo egarrulo at gmail.com
Thu Aug 14 18:48:52 UTC 2014

2014-08-14 20:10 GMT+02:00, Brandon Allbery <allbery.b at gmail.com>:
> You can't have two versions of the Platform installed into the same ghc;
> ghc will become extremely confused. This is essentially a ghc shortcoming
> that the Platform can't work around.

However, the README says:

  The machine doing the build needs to have a working Haskell setup: Usually,
  GHC (7.4 or later), Cabal (1.16 or later), and haddock and HsColour must be on
  the $PATH.

This is what I am trying to do: I have a working installation of the
old GHC plus the old Platform, and I am using it to build the new
Platform.  Otherwise, where am I supposed to get Cabal?  AFAIK, Cabal
comes with the Platform. Am I missing anything?

> The hptool issue is likely that you have an older version installed than
> the new Platform requires, and the newer one is not compatible with the
> older Platform.

Is `hptool' an executable?  If so, then there is no `hptool' in the path.

> Again, installing a separate ghc for the new Platform
> should resolve this.

I have a working installation of the new GHC, but `platform.sh'
requires a tarball, and Cabal.

Thanks for your help.

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