[Haskell-cafe] Fwd: Default stdout buffering of child processofcreateProcess

Jerzy Karczmarczuk jerzy.karczmarczuk at unicaen.fr
Mon Aug 4 11:25:19 UTC 2014

Le 04/08/2014 06:25, Donn Cave a écrit :
> To address J.K.'s (lest I misspell) probably ironic question seriously,
> why I certainly say Haskell should strive to be as compatible as possible
> with ANSI C, whatever Mr. Allbery may think.  Gratuitous difference in
> functionality that's clearly based on C I/O would benefit no one.

Thank you. In fact, B.A. [probably] thinks that this compatibility is 
important, while I don't care so much.
Now, ironic or not ironic: I am afraid that your usage of: "gratuitous 
difference in functionality" is not correct. The languages are 
different, their /typical/ domains of application are not the same, and 
if somebody wants really to construct hybrid applications, I see no 
reason to mix-up Haskell and C within the same "niche": interfacing or 
sub-process creation, etc. Use one, or the other, why not?
I think that insisting on the Frankesteinism is "gratuitous".

Concerning buffering, when somebody (Richard O'K. presumably) says :
> I am sick of having to tell students "Java does not buffer by
> default, it is up to YOU to use BufferedReader and/or
> BufferedWriter if you do not want I/O to be catastrophically
> slow".
I would say that in many circumstances (Java EE services, etc.) this is 
far from being catastrophically slow.

The best.

Jerzy Karczmarczuk
Caen, France

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