[Haskell-cafe] [ANN] Hayoo Relaunch

Andrew Gibiansky andrew.gibiansky at gmail.com
Sun Aug 3 16:33:06 UTC 2014


This looks great! I love the results for the example queries.

However, I have a few questions, which I think many people may share.
Namely, how is this different from Hoogle? For many of us, Hoogle is the
default tool, and has been thoroughly integrated into our workflow. What
differentiates Hayoo from Hoogle? Does it offer exactly the same service
but with a few different minor choices? (From a very brief glance, I prefer
the output I get from Hayoo, but without having used it extensively, I
don't know how it really compares.) I think that whatever answer you have
to this, it may be good to put on the "About" section of the Hayoo website.

(If the answer is is "it's the same but better in minor ways", that's also
perfectly alright. Incremental improvement is important. Not everything has
to be groundbreakingly different with strong differentiating points.)

Anyway, don't take any of these questions as criticism -- I'm a huge fan of
what I see here and will try to use Hayoo instead of Hoogle to see how it
compares in practice.



On Sun, Aug 3, 2014 at 6:13 AM, Sebastian Philipp <sebastian at spawnhost.de>

> Hi Cafe,
> Hayoo <http://hayoo.fh-wedel.de> has been relaunched. Hayoo is a search
> engine for Hackage packages, which allows you to search for functions,
> data types and packages.
> It is currently work in progress. Any feedback is greatly appreciated!
> Hayoo uses Hunt <https://github.com/hunt-framework> for indexing and
> searching, which is the successor of Holumbus. Hunt is a flexible,
> lightweight search platform with a powerful query language and JSON API.
> Example search requests are:
> * Function names: map
> <http://hayoo.fh-wedel.de/?query=map>
> * Function signatures: (a->b)->f a->f b
> <http://hayoo.fh-wedel.de/?query=%28a-%3Eb%29-%3Ef+a-%3Ef+b>
> * Module names: Control.Loop
> <http://hayoo.fh-wedel.de/?query=Control.Loop>
> Have a look at the examples on <http://hayoo.fh-wedel.de/examples> for
> some advances queries.
> The old Hayoo and Holumbus are still online at
> <http://holumbus-alt.fh-wedel.de/>
> --
> Sebastian Philipp
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