[Haskell-cafe] [ANN] xmobar 0.19 released

Jose A. Ortega Ruiz jao at gnu.org
Sun Oct 27 21:31:22 UTC 2013

I've just released version 0.19 of xmobar, a lightweight system monitor
written in Haskell.

Homepage:  http://xmobar.org
Release notes: http://xmobar.org/releases.html

As of this release, the old bug tracker at Google code is deprecated.
Please use [Github's tracker] for new bugs.


_New features_

  - New monitor `BatteryN`, a variant of `BatteryP` that lets you
    specify the name of the monitor in the template.
  - Support for configuration file living in `XDG_CONFIG_HOME` (see
    [github #99]).
  - `Com` uses safer `runInteractiveProcess` instead of spawning a
    shell (David McLean).  If you're using shell expansion in your
    `Com` (e.g. "~/bin/script") here's a workaround: `Run Com
    "/bin/bash" ["-c", "~/bin/script"]` (cf. [github #127]).
  - New plugin `UnsafeStdinReader` that allows actions from stdin.
    Now it's possible to have clickable workspaces!
    (Thiago Negri, see [github #125]).
  - New monitor configuration option (`-x` or `--nastring`) that allows
    specifying what string to display when a monitor is not available
    (defaulting to "N/A"). Cf. [github #119].

_Bug fixes_

  - Using the width options `-w`, `-m` and `-M` in battery monitors
    watts display ([github #118]).
  - Using the `-d` option in `CoreTemp` ([github #115])
  - Fix for systems not supporting PCRE regular expressions: we use
    now BCEs, so regex-compat should be enough everywhere (see
    [github #117]).
  - Weather monitor: support for stations without name (Sergei
    Trofimovich, [issue #65]).

[Github's tracker]: https://github.com/jaor/xmobar/issues
[github #99]: https://github.com/jaor/xmobar/issues/115
[github #115]: https://github.com/jaor/xmobar/issues/115
[github #117]: https://github.com/jaor/xmobar/issues/117
[github #125]: https://github.com/jaor/xmobar/issues/125
[issue #65]: http://code.google.com/p/xmobar/issues/detail?id=65
[github #118]: https://github.com/jaor/xmobar/issues/118
[github #119]: https://github.com/jaor/xmobar/issues/119
[github #127]: https://github.com/jaor/xmobar/issues/127

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