[Haskell-cafe] ANN: Nomyx 0.3 beta, the game where you can change the rules

Corentin Dupont corentin.dupont
Wed Oct 2 23:14:39 UTC 2013

Hello everybody!
I released the third beta of Nomyx <http://www.nomyx.net>, the only game
where You can change the rules!
The second beta was a success.
Great players (byorgey, nomeata, Toxaris...) proposed amazing rules,
effectively building a nice universe. For example, a banking system in ecu
was proposed, with cash monies and even a way to buy pies! Other rules like
different democratic systems were proposed. You can check those rules in
this thread: http://www.nomyx.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=1520

Let's start a new game! I propose to set it in the medieval era. Dear
rulers, I'll let your imagination speak! Please login to the game here: www.
The corresponding forum thread is here:

Some background: this is an implementation of a Nomic [2] game in
Haskell(I believe the first complete implementation of a Nomic game on
computer). In a Nomyx game you can change the rules of the game itself
while playing it. The players can submit new rules or modify existing ones,
thus completely changing the behaviour of the game through time. The rules
are managed and interpreted by the computer. They must be written in the
Nomyx language <http://hackage.haskell.org/package/Nomyx-Language>, which
is a subset of Haskell.

At the beginning, the initial rules are describing:
- how to add new rules and change existing ones. For example a unanimity
vote is necessary to have a new rule accepted.
- how to win the game. For example you win the game if you have 5 rules
But of course even that can be changed!

Here is a video introduction and first tutorial of the game:
The example file gives a lot of examples of rules that you can submit: www.

changes in V0.3:
- creation of admin role
- inputs made by the rules now include checkboxes, buttons, textarea
- outputs made by the rules are now managed (create, update, delete)
- refactored the GUI
- bumped to GHC 7.6
- compilation errors are displayed in context
- bug fixes


[1] www.nomic.net
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