[Haskell-cafe] Fwd: vector fails to build with ghc on arm-linux-androideabi

Herwig Hochleitner hhochleitner at gmail.com
Wed Nov 27 21:29:57 UTC 2013


I'm trying to build the openpgp libs for android. I can build and run
HaskellActivity from the HelloWorld sample, but as when I try to install
vector, I get the following build failure:


$ arm-linux-androideabi-cabal install --reinstall --force-reinstall vector
[ 5 of 19] Compiling Data.Vector.Fusion.Stream.Monadic (
dist/build/Data/Vector/Fusion/Stream/Monadic.o )
Loading package ghc-prim ... linking ... ghc:
unhandled ELF relocation(Rel) type 28

ghc: unable to load package `ghc-prim'
Failed to install vector-


It seems somewhat related to this closed bug:
Am I doing something stupid? Can I fix this?

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