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Mateusz Kowalczyk fuuzetsu at fuuzetsu.co.uk
Mon Nov 25 11:05:21 UTC 2013

On 25/11/13 10:57, Thiago Negri wrote:
> I'm using emacs just for basic text file editing, no auto-completion, no
> flymake, etc.
> I find it quite dificult to navigate between files of a project and have no
> time to configure emacs to work as an IDE.

You're almost certainly wasting more time by not using any IDE-ish
features that you could set up than you would take setting it up.

> There are lots of plugins pointed out in the wiki and such, but there's a
> lack of step-by-step tutorials or packages that works out of the box. I
> always need to search the entire web for the lines I need to punch into
> .emacs file.

Nowadays, with a recent-enough emacs you can do ‘M-x install-package’
which does everything for you. There's also ‘M-x customize’ which allows
you to change all the various package options in an interface.

> It's already hard to maintain brain's memory for other stuff, having to
> learn my way thru emacs was time consuming and yet if I would start a
> fresh-install of it, I probably would need to search the entire web again.
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