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Vagif Verdi vagif.verdi at gmail.com
Sat Nov 9 21:34:25 UTC 2013

Emacs + haskell-mode gives you:

- cabal project loading, support sandboxing.
- autocomplete (using generated TAGS file with hasktags)
- code navigation. You click on a function and it jumps to its definition.
- navigation of top level functions (imenu)
- type info
- error and warning jumps
- import management
- ghci
- hoogle and hayoo help integration
- hlint integration

You can do continuous compilation using emacs fly-mode.

On Friday, November 8, 2013 11:44:44 AM UTC-8, Corentin Dupont wrote:
> Hi cafe,
> I would like to know which IDE are you using?
> I use Leksah, I like the GUI design and constant compilation process.
> However, the development seems to be slowing down: last version date from 
> early 2012. The installation process is very painful.
> There is FPComplete IDE coming up, but it's commercial. 
> I'm experimenting with it, anyway: how to compile using cabal files? It 
> doesn't seem to recognize them. Will there be an off-line version?
> I'm interested to know if you are using vim to develop: which extension 
> are you using? I'm interested in continuous compilation, project files 
> browsing, code completion, search-in-files.
> Best,
> Corentin
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