[Haskell-cafe] float show instances

wren at freegeek.org wren at freegeek.org
Sat Nov 9 03:31:49 UTC 2013

On 11/8/13 9:00 AM, Niklas Hambüchen wrote:
> On 07/11/13 06:12, Evan Laforge wrote:
>> Ok, here's a bit of shameless bike-sheddery, so feel free to move on
>> if you don't have time for that kind of thing.
>> It seems silly, but this is something that's been bothering me for
>> something like 5 years now, namely that ghc's float show instance is
>> very aggressive about resorting to scientific notation
> Glad that somebody feels the same!

I also feel the same. I don't mind scientific notation generally, but 
the current versions are very aggressive about it.

Live well,

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