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Wed Nov 6 01:05:46 UTC 2013

I'm pretty new to Haskell, but have been having fun learning it. Being a
Mac and Windows programmer most of my life, I'm used to using GUIs and IDEs
to program and don't really care for using command-line tools. As such,
I've been working on getting Xcode to build Haskell files directly and I
have something working that I thought others might be interested in.

Looking through the "Building/Cross-Compiling/iOS" instructions, it looks
like the standard way of building Haskell files is to build them on the
command line into a library and then link your C/C++/Objective-C sources
against the library. But you don't need to do this. You can directly edit
Haskell in Xcode (with very basic syntax highlighting), and build it from
Xcode all without ever going to the command-line.

Would people be interested in working this way? If so, I'll be happy to
post steps to do it.

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