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It really sounds rude, to demand promises from somebody who just gave you a big present.

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10.06.2013, в 16:11, Zed Becker <zed.becker at gmail.com> написал(а):

> Hi all,
> Haskell, is arguably the best example of a design-by-committee language. The syntax is clean and most importantly, consistent. The essence of a purely functional programming is maintained, without disturbing its real world capacity.
> To all the people who revise the Haskell standard, and implement the language,
> Promise to me, and the rest of the community, that you will keep up the good effort :)
> Promise to me, and the rest of the community, that Haskell will always spiritually remain the same clean, consistent programming language as it is now!
> Regards,
> Zed Becker
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