[Haskell-cafe] Parsec Vs. src exts

Sean Cormican seancormican1 at gmail.com
Sat Feb 2 21:08:48 CET 2013


I've been spending a bit of time looking into using Parsec as a parser for
a subset of the syntax of the Haskell language, a high level description of
what I'm looking to create is a parser which confirms whether a given
Haskell code file is valid or in the case that it isn't returns some
helpful error messages to the user. (Please bear with me, I know this is a
strange implementation)

My question is that while I have a modest understanding of Parsec from
tutorials, the haskell-src package has also been recommended of which I can
find very limited documentation in comparison. However, the issue arises
from both my limited understanding of haskell and lack of information on
the usage of haskell-src.

Can anybody provide me with some guidance on whether to try and create the
parser using Parsec or if haskell-src is a better option.
In the case that haskell-src is a better option, are there any tutorials or
documents that I would benefit from reading?

Thanks in advance,
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