[Haskell-cafe] Announce: Leksah (still a bit experimental)

Hamish Mackenzie hamish.k.mackenzie at gmail.com
Sat Feb 2 17:48:24 CET 2013

Version Control
Harald and Stephan's Version Control integration has been
merged in!  If you want to help out on this there are still some
cool things that could be added.  I for one would love something
to show my changes vs. the repo as I edit.

Harald and Stephan also added a number of other nice UI
changes.  Unfortunately I do not have a list (but my favourite
is that selecting some text highlights other occurrences).

Better Haddock and GHCi support
While writing documentation for jsc, I made a few changes to
help make writing Haddock docs easier....

 * Documentation pane - New pane that uses WebKit to display
   your packages Haddock docs (Package -> Open Documentation).

 * Auto build Haddock docs - If you click the tick button
   on the toolbar it will automatically build your docs
   and reload the Documentation pane while you edit your
   code.  If you have background build switched off then
   Ctrl+B will run tests and build docs if the tick is on.

 * Auto run - While you are in GHCi mode background build
   will also reevaluate the last expression sent to GHCi
   with Ctrl+Enter (also works with Ctrl+B if you have
   background build off).

 * Haddock & Ctrl+Enter - Haddock code block comments
   ( -- > and -- >>> ) are removed before the current
   line or selected text is sent to GHCi.

 * Support for choosing which executable or test suite GHCi
   should run (expand the package in the workspace pane
   to see the list and activate the one you want to
   load in GHCi).

Hop on #leksah if you have any questions. 

Sorry, I am still having trouble building WebKitGTK+ on OSX.

If you want a challenge...

Alternatively we might have to build Leksah with -f-webkit
to leave out the webkit stuff.

Choose the version that matches your installed GHC

Follow the steps in the .travis.yml file...
Should go something like this...

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