[Haskell-cafe] PhD at age 45?

Andrey Chudnov achudnov at gmail.com
Tue Dec 3 23:40:33 UTC 2013

On 12/03/2013 05:26 PM, Dennis Raddle wrote:
> All replies have been helpful. I realize my question is vague, and 
> that's partly because I don't know what area within CS interests me. I 
> may have to do at least an MS to find out.
What I meant was whether you would like to do research or teach (or 
both) -- not a specific area. While you will probably be required to 
teach some classes anyway (as a TA, which means grading, supervising 
labs and consultations), most of your time in grad school pursuing a PhD 
would be spent on research. That's because producing novel and relevant 
research results is an absolute requirement for getting a PhD (while 
teaching a lot of classes, on the other hand, is not). In pursuing a PhD 
it would  help if you enjoy (or at least can tolerate) the very process 
of research and feel passionate about your research topic. Otherwise, 
you might be in for quite a few miserable years.

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