[Haskell-cafe] Looking for reliable heterogeneous vectors

Sergey Bushnyak sergey.bushnyak at sigrlami.eu
Mon Dec 2 03:40:50 UTC 2013

On 12/02/2013 03:58 AM, Mike Izbicki wrote:
> Author of vector-heterogenous here.  I tried to design the package to 
> meet use cases like you describe, but fully admit that it's not 
> perfect.  It's missing a lot of the functions you might expect from 
> the regular vector package (some of them are because I didn't need 
> them, and some are because the best implementation is not obvious), 
> and syntax is still a little awkward for my tastes.
> So if you have any ideas on improvements, I'd definitely be willing to 
> incorporate them. Or if you have a great idea for a complete redesign 
> of the package, I'd be happy to replace everything and let you take over.
> On Sun, Dec 1, 2013 at 12:11 PM, Sergey Bushnyak 
> <sergey.bushnyak at sigrlami.eu <mailto:sergey.bushnyak at sigrlami.eu>> wrote:
>     Hello, everyone. I'm looking for reliable library or idea how to
>     implement heterogenous vector properly. It may seem odd, but I
>     want elements not only be different types but also functions,
>     something like that, pseudocode:
>         hvec [a b (c->d) [a] ...]  -- can be any type
>         let hvec = hvec [ "stuff" 5 getUrl [1, 4, 5]]
>     So far I found *vector-heterogenous* package, but can't decide is
>     it good to build on or create something on my own.
>     Any thoughts and ideas are appreciated. Thanks.
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Mike, thank you for quick response, nice to hear you open for 
improvements. I'm also looking for this kind of package to be not only 
heterogeneous, but immutable and persistent, which leads to higher level 
of abstraction, something like *collection*. It will be nice to derive 
different types from it, like hvector, hlist etc.

I'm doing small research now, if I'll understand that it's better to 
build upon your library or even reshape it I'll drop you an email.

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