[Haskell-cafe] I would like to know how to use the following events handlers : dropTargetOnData, dropTargetOnDrop, dropTargetOnEnter,

luc taesch luc.taesch at gmail.com
Fri Apr 12 14:47:23 CEST 2013

> If you have figured it all out, I hope you want to write a HaskellWiki  
> page about it.

If I pass the gating, I ll publish a kind some HowTo on the differente 
techniques I dig out

already started with this one, where I published my finding in the answer:

> As no one else has responded so far, I think you are in uncharted  
> territory; wxHaskell is huge and there are not many applications using it.  

good point. ! 

do we have some kind of census of application that wrok or still work 
with wxhaskell ?
any interest in (me) doing this ? (who know some toosl to do this, a la 
doodle ?)

and by extension : 

btw how many people are really active and resonably knowleadeable these 
day ? (e.g. "senior")
Are Eric ? Jeremy ? atzedijkstra ? yourself ? still active on wx.
and are you using it yourself HenkJan ?

is :    https://github.com/atzedijkstra/wxHaskell 
the head dev for these day ?
i.e. who is the maintainer ?

( Sorry for all these questions, but I am just discovering the field :-) 

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