[Haskell-cafe] Installation issues with Centos

jims at stuttard.org jims at stuttard.org
Mon Sep 3 16:01:05 CEST 2012

Quoting Chris Dornan <chris at chrisdornan.com>:

> Hi Jim,

Thanks for such a quick response.

>> Previously I've been able to install and use ghc and HP in ~/ without
> problems. Is there any reason
>> why this couldn't be done with your justhub package?
>> As I've never tried this brute surgery on such a magnus opus before I'm
> not sure this is at all feasible?
> I wouldn't recommend trying to install the justhub package in user-space.
> Starting from the GHC bindists and the sources for everything else (platform
> and hub wrapper) you can relocate everything of course. In theory I believe
> it would also be possible to make all the RPMs relocatable, but because of
> all of the moving parts it's not so easy in practice.

Sure. Too scary for me. However sandboxing everything ghc in user  
space seems to me a good idea at the moment.

> It is on my list of things to do -- obviously the more requests I get the
> higher it will go on the priority list, and the number of requests has now
> just doubled, to two (but I will bet there are more -- I take it seriously).

BTW my ISP doesn't allow the use of yum.

I can build a Snap server by manually installing the needed deps from  
HP but it
silently crashes every couple of hours and I failed to build it with  

I'd like to get Snap working on this ISP as it's for a voluntary  
environmental science group and previous Snap installations on my home  
machine have seemingly worked perfectly.


> Chris

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