[Haskell-cafe] curl package broken in Windows

Kevin Cantu me at kevincantu.org
Sun Nov 11 23:13:35 CET 2012

Heh, I was trying to build this yesterday and it was making by eyes bleed.

With the curl package on Hackage, I merely need an SSL enabled version
of libcurl, and every Linux distro I've tried this on has several
variations of such a package.  (You have a choice of OpenSSL or
GNUTLS, for example.)

Apparently neither OpenSSL nor cURL wants to provide such a Windows
binary package, though, so I attempted to build a version of libcurl
with SSL support...

Sigbjorn's instructions are definitely out of date.  (I couldn't use
his ZIP package, either.)  Using MSYS, though, I was able to compile a
version of libcurl with winssl, but then every variation of cabal
install command wasn't cooperating.  What should I be using instead of
the following, neither of which seems to tell cabal where to find

$ CPPFLAGS=-Ic:/code/curl_install/include cabal install curl
$ cabal install curl --extra-lib-dirs=c:/code/curl_install/lib

Detail, showing some verbose error messages:


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