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Oops. Forget to reply to all.

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> It depends on what you use the code for. If I run an overnight report
> for the trading book of my bank in 16 hours, it is
> not acceptable and is a disaster. If I run it in 8h, it's OK-ish. In
> business settings, you often have strict deadlines and
> optimizing the code to be 2x faster can make a huge difference, as you
> change from missing the deadline to
> meeting a deadline.
I remember once being asked to examine a certain batch program for
performance improvements. I spotted an obvious inefficiency, and made a
recommendation, which was implemented. It saved something like 10 - 30
minutes on the overnight run (which took hours), so I was disappointed with
the result. But the client was delighted, as the run now fitted into the
batch window.
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